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Theatrical Production

The Catskill Puppet Theater presents:

The Town That Fought Hate


The renowned Catskill Puppet Theater has created an enchanting puppet play for children in the lower elementary grades, which recounts the story of Billings.

The Town That Fought Hate is based upon Janice Cohn’s award-winning children’s book, The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate.

Both the book and the play recount the true story of how people of all faiths and races came together in the town of Billings, Montana to successfully fight a group of haters threatening the town’s tiny Jewish population and other minorities during the Hanukkah / Christmas season of 1993.

The play is a creation of the much-honored Catskill Puppet Theater and was co-produced by Young Audiences of New Jersey.  It features original music, almost life-size puppets and shadow puppets, and more than a few theatrical surprises.

While The Town that Fought Hate is first and foremost great entertainment for young and old, it also gently imparts some timeless life lessons including the importance of standing up to bullies and haters, the power of community and the power of each of us – including children – to make a difference.

For information about booking this production for schools, churches, synagogues and community theaters, contact:

Young Audiences of New Jersey (for New Jersey performances)
(609) 243-9000

The Catskill Puppet Theater
(607) 435-1128 

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